New Book coming soon.

On the writing of my newer book, yet to be finished, you will see how the world has gone DOWN in so many areas over the years. You will be amazed at the changes that I will point out.

I also take you through my life's journey, as the title is:  This will be interesting reading because you will see how life is effected by not only the choices we make but what is ordained and planned by our Lord and savior from the foundation of the world.

Hope you will send me some comments and write your thoughts on my blog.
I am riding in between being a caregiver for my elderly brother as he has grave health issues at this time. When the book is ready to go to press your comments can be added into the book if you so desire with your permission.

Keep looking up, time is getting closer and closer to the believers redemption.

Oh ! , Glorious Day that will be.!!!